John Brotchie Nursery School

Capable, Confident and Creative Children

Telephone02 9316 8825

General Information


Enrolment is on a part time basis


Please call the office if your child will be away for extended periods or has an infectious disease.

Ph: 9316 8825 Email:


Book club 

We participate in Scholastic Book Club. Scholastic brochures will be distributed via your communication pocket. Orders can be made online or left in the office.


Please see enrolment page.

Excursions/ visiting shows 

During the year a variety of excursions and visiting shows are organised . When leaving the grounds permission notes must be signed and parent helpers are always welcome. Our aim for excursions is to enhance teaching and learning, that has started within the curriculum. So to maximize teaching and learning we try to take small groups of children with a high ratio of staff to students. At visiting shows, siblings and children who attend on other days are welcome.

Preschool fee 

Please see Schooling Costs page.

Food at preschool

Your child needs to bring a nutritional lunch box that includes a sandwich, fruit and healthy snack for lunch and afternoon tea. You also need to pack a drink bottle with water for your child to have at lunch, afternoon tea and throughout the day.

Please don't forget we aim to be a nut free preschool for more information, see our Healthy Eating Policy.


The car park at the front of the school is for staff only. For the safety of your children we ask at no time to use the front carpark for dropping off or picking up. Please use the surrounding streets and beware of parking restrictions.

School counsellor

We have a School Counsellor who visits our preschool once every term. Appointments can be made to discuss any issues related to the education of your child with the School Counsellor at the office.

School hats 

The preschool has school hats that every child keeps at school, this helps to implement our Sun Protection Policy. Your child will choose a hat at the beginning of the year. Cost $15

Library bags 

Each week the children visit our library to borrow books. Your child needs a school library bag. Cost $15

Starting and finishing times 

Preschool starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm. All children need to be signed in and out by their parents or guardians. We ask that all children be collected by 3pm. The preschool runs to the 4 public school terms. We also have staff development days, please see school calendar.