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Our music program is led by Fiz Halsey. Fiz is an experienced early childhood teacher and a talented musician. She plays the piano, guitar and ukulele. Our music program incorporates many different experiences including singing, making and listening to music, movement, circle games and percussive instruments.

Fiz works once a week and part of her role is to mentor the other educators so to support our music program across the whole week.

There are many benefits for including active music in an Early Childhood curriculum. An active music program is one that involves melody, movement, rhythm and speech. It is a program that involves the whole child. It is enthusiastic, motivated and inspiring for the children. Music can bring joy, fun and a richness and fullness to any early childhood curriculum.

 Music can help develop:
  • A strong sense of identity and a positive self image
  • Social skills such as listening, observing, waiting, turn taking and sharing
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Body awareness
  • Auditory awareness
  • Literacy and numeracy concepts and skills
  • Creativity, self expression and imagination.