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Munch and Move

The five key messages that form the basis of the Munch and Move program are:

  • choose water as drink
  • eat fewer snacks and select healthier snacks
  • eat more fruit and vegetables.

Munch and Move is a healthy lifestyle program for children from three to five years. The program focuses on supporting the development of fundamental movement skills through game based active play, encourages healthy eating and reduces time spent in front of small screens.

  • get active for an hour or more a day
  • turn off the computer or television and get active.

Fundamental movement skills include:

  • running
  • jumping
  • galloping
  • hopping
  • leaping
  • side steps
  • catching kicking and
  • striking a ball.

We  have a specialist PE teacher that comes in once a week to support the Munch and Move program and then all the educators participate with the children across the whole week.